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We are humans eat all I would not see in fast food “phrase might sound cliche, debunking the myth nutritionists do not eat quinoa, soy and vegetable drinks …” but not for health reasons, but because I do not like. But of course I eat a burger, “said Guillermo Rodriguez, a nutritionist who in turn is defined as the coach of the private dining (yes, like sports, but in his version refrigerators and supermarkets). The key to a good diet, according to the expert lies not in restricting, but focus on the best ingredients and bring them all in perspective “My diet consists of vegetables, grains, meat and fish,” said the eye: .. eat small pieces (“but why do not I sweet tooth,” he qualifies .) And do not forgive tortilla puncture on Friday. So eat weekend (with head and balance, but without sacrificing the thrill of it) Guillermo Rodriguez, photographing for us each dish and examine why your choice.


Breakfast Day 1: Feast of nutrients
“Orange juice, cereal with wheat and dried fruits and salmon with fresh cheese and capers, all accompanied with water. There are animal protein, milk, cereals and vegetables. All of these elements required for its contribution of vitamins and minerals. The breakfast that includes more nutritional food : there should be individual groups, but in low numbers and do not forget the water should moisturize “..

The opening day of 1: Guilty Pleasure?
“As a skewer tortilla, but since the weekend. From Monday to Thursday, I opt for a piece of fruit and tea or yogurt before noon. And of course I add bread, especially when I would jump at breakfast.”

Daytime 1: Do not stop fat
, “First things first, gazpacho, with high doses of vitamins and minerals I did it with olive oil, which accounted for 90% of the fat consumption: remember that it is indispensable for the lipid layer of the second cell.. Tenderloin accompanied with spinach and chilli, which is satiating To salad, there were only sheet, but for me to give me gas lettuce also bring a touch of gastronomic sesame .. this time paired with wine, but because I was visiting a friend: I drink very rarely and do not recommend diet “.

1 snack: peanut Marching
“This is rooibos tea with nuts. Tea is great for hydration. I suggest, also, green tea, which helps absorb calcium, lemon balm and lime. Nuts contribute phosphorus and large for memory. A day is fine, but not a whole ! For though his bag good fats, they provide too many calories. ”

Dinner Day 1: Lower level
“It’s a soup of carrots, onions and zucchini. Taken by my mother. I I bring tupperware. I broth I buy I made because I do not have time to cook. In this’ve miss quinoa, it’s advisable for vegans, as it provides plenty of protein. When eating away from home so much, dinner always reduce it to soup or salad cream. Have you tried the chicken, endive, green pepper and garlic? “.

Breakfast Day 2: Restoring dancing
“It was late, at 12 pm, and had to take it to dance yesterday. Why is abundant cereal with yoghurt, omelets, chicken fingers Mini (not breaded), kiwi and orange juice Dan. This course, a lot of water for a weekday, it will be anger I buy fresh juice in places where they do when If you have not noticed, as described, it is to verify that you have a reason and presentation is ugly ..: guarantee natural “.

Food Day 2: leverage always remain
“Lettuce salad, lettuce, radicchio and arugula with shrimp, eel and salmon. The fish really like. Also, I had bought a package for breakfast the day before, so we use the next day in a different format, do not waste. The fish is white and blue provide Omega 3 and Omega 6. The salad comes with vinegar, salt and oil, but very pretty, not sobrealimentarme grease with oil. There is no point eating 100-calorie salad with dressing on the 500! Always like water “.

Snack Day 2: Treat yourself
“I like ham. And I learned that they have opened a new place to dispose of these bags, so I went to try it. Just as well that the bread, because you avoid the panazo. Ham is the heart and has omega 9 and animal protein”.

Dinner Day 2: Carbohydrates … and hot dog
“I went out to dinner at a restaurant. Here is an animal protein (hake), vegetables (tomatoes and mushrooms) and carbohydrates of a baked potato. You may even wet the bread. I consume carbohydrates every day, but varied forms: pasta, potatoes , rice, cereals, seeds … they are necessary for cell structure and a good fuel for the next combustion calorie The only problem is that when consumed in excessive amounts “..

How “quickie diet” that appeals to the famous

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At this time of year many begin to do the math to see if it was possible to be released before the summer kilo over swimsuits leaving evidence. And when time is short, the system loses a lot and quickly became tempting recipes. That was achieved following the letters “quickie diet” that won support among members of the political and entertainment: Amado Boudou, Nancy Duplaá and Matias Ale, among others. Divided into three stages, the first stage almost forgot about real food (except for two servings of vegetables per day), which was replaced by a protein envelope that can be made from smoothies to omelets. With this method lost between 8 and 10 kilos per month on average. What are the mechanisms of such rapid decline occur? Is it safe for the body? And the effect of recovering? Is there room for pleasure? Experts consulted by Clarin answer all these questions.


Amado Boudou was surprised recently with 17 kilos less.

Protein is the star of the moment. Plan for the consumption of foods that promote resurrection life. Thesis proteinate fasting was invented in the 70s by George Blackburn of Harvard University, provide a scientific basis for what protein diet, which consists of the right amount of protein for weight loss and loss of muscle called parallel reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. “Pronokal combine this diet has improved method of weight loss multidisciplinary team that aims to teach patients about healthy eating and lifestyle change,” said Gustavo Sojka, general manager of a local program that was born in 2004 Spain and arrived in the country on 2013, where it had tested 8,000 Argentina.

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The plan was approved to be between 18 to 70, the pancreatic previous studies that showed good renal function, liver and should, among other issues. It is a diet normoproteinada, where doctors prescribe medication consumption estimated one gram of protein per kilo of weight. That is, if the patient should reach 60 kilos, you should consume 60 grams of protein a day. How can such strict control be achieved? The key lies in sachets, which cost 50 pesos per unit: each containing 15 grams of protein with minimal carbohydrates and fats. Patients in this example, then, should eat four days at the most difficult part of the active phase, accompanied by a salad at lunch and dinner. Only that.

Alejandro Garcia, endocrinology and prescribing methods, explains: “If you had to lose 10 kilos, 8 would lose in the active phase, of those, only four in accordance with the most difficult stage and lost two or three weeks. Envelopes, more vegetables and other foods they eat. After they kilo lost first, he removed the envelope and put in a food protein (steak and salad, for example), until you lose the other 25%. And then another replaced with other proteins in foods (steak, chicken, seafood , egg salad). When she lost 8 kilos passed diet and begin to incorporate all food groups to get off the remaining two kilos, it should lose approximately twice the time it takes down the other eight. So re-educate the patient goes to food. ”

The duration of the active phase has a set time, it is governed by the kilo lowered. The more you have to lose, it will become more widespread. At this stage, details of endocrinology, a man lost between 12 and 14 kilograms per month and a woman between 7 and 10. The weight loss at this stage is given by the entry of patients into ketosis, a physiological process that occurs when eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day, which is a major source of energy in the body. Given these shortcomings, the body begins to use fat reserves to get the energy you need. “But the advantage is that it produces ketosis you out of hunger. Patients lose the appetite to eat,” said Garcia.

For Monica Katz, director of career specialists in nutrition, focusing on Obesity Favaloro University, emotional risks associated with diets high. “Spare sugar lower body and each day we fill it. By not doing glucose network dependent such as the brain and kidneys or suffering from a shortage of red blood cells. It also reduces the availability of serotonin and this is a neurotransmitter that carries a good mood, impulse control and satiety . Even hydrate improve the ability to cope with stress. ”

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Ketosis can also cause symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, fatigue, headaches and bad breath, among others. Also a vitamin deficiency, so in addition to patients on prescribed protein supplements potadio sodium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins and omega 3 and 6. In this phase is also not recommended that intense physical activity. Garcia said: “Aerobic exercise uses a lot of glucose and as we did not give us a lot of carbohydrates your body will take your protein, your muscle mass. Therefore we recommend only the increase in the active or something with weight itself up out of the country.” Sojka added that “in the first phase of treatment, moderate exercise is recommended.”

One of the goals of mathematics control the amount of daily protein to consume is what allows “kidney care,” said Garcia. “One gram of protein per kilo of body weight per day is in the intake of protein recommended. Always kidneys work diet a little better with the burden of low protein, but this is not a high protein diet. In fact, we usually eat more than one gram per kilo of weight, especially for a high proportion of protein from meat. We have to eat up to 1.5, “said Felipe Inserra nephrologist who, however, did not adhere to this type of treatment. “Most professionals in favor of a more balanced diet. The diet causes ketosis one falls very quickly, but in general it is impossible to maintain over time and cause symptoms.”

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Garcia, however, argue that the rapid decline enthusiastic patient. “Whoever low weight quickly have a greater adherence to the food plan is shown, there are clinical studies that prove it. And you lose weight at the expense of more fat, which is unhealthy.”

“All the plans that you create, whether powder, shake diet is monotonous or system, whether they are low in calories and offer fewer calories than we expend produce weight loss. Obviously we would associate the power of shoes or a ring that I wear, not 800 calories per day be less than usual come to consume, “said Diego Sivori’s degree in Nutrition. “Plans Low-carb is not a scientific base long term, that’s why there is no method of recommending them for a long time, if not for the race, which will restore the food,” said the specialist believes that this could be a good point in favor of “if, after the rapid decline in weight and improvement in the clinical setting phase to respect the patient’s return to healthy eating habits. ”

However, Sivori added, “there are some practitioners who respect these guidelines. Usually they lowered kilos them and then released to the pleasure of food in large quantities or giving up early to the anxiety generated by the body or the need to be ‘like’ and eating in social situations . From these failures usually come to understand weight rebound. ”

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Pronokal treatment is carried out under medical supervision and offers consulting services of nutrition, physical activity and coaching. So Garcia stressed that the plan is more than polvito. “This is a system that is more complex and complete. What you need to do is to get patients to change habits, do not eat the same as before eating because it will weigh the same again.” For that, he said, emphasizing the rehabilitation of food and care, where the track professionals that lasted about two years after they lost weight carried. “What we have to return those you do not need to eat for pleasure, because that’s what brought the patient to have those extra kilos. We are trying to find pleasure out of food eaten in a more conscious, not eating for anxiety, depression, eating hunger, as it should be, so it is important to re-education “.
With envelopes can be prepared juices, smoothies, bread and tortillas, among others.
Inserra believes that “never ceases to be an agreement magic.” For a nephrologist, “everything can start with the re-education of food and all you have to have patience and more effort initially and wait longer, but it is a condition that is far more normal physiological levels”. Her recipe: “decrease the number of calories, physical activity, healthy living, practicing food, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization. Reducing the amount of protein, especially animal, which was also accompanied by fat, I think it is much healthier these measures shock “conditions.

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In the same vein, Katz asks “Why use powder if food? So astronauts have improved their performance from consuming food and no powder.” Driving the movement there Diet and writers over the body stated that “diets that ignore pleasure can not be taken as a way of life. Therefore, they are not an option for controlling excess weight and keep it off. It can be a source of magical power for a while. Prohibition and food restriction produces shame. Instead, knowing that every day in life will have a fair share of something that we like, small daily pleasures, Decontrol low. Certain low desire “.

Meanwhile, Juan Martin Roman, nutrition specialist physician and teacher awareness, concludes: “I am confident that this plan should lose weight very successful. But of course, as the way we relate to food has a cultural component and emotionally decisive, it is clear that all efforts This disproportionate force people, sooner or later will hold stop to eat again winning food people really like, they are learning to eat food in childhood and cable is very strong. Who does not recognize the emotional value and food culture ignores the complexity of the act of eating . “

Special about the Diet Pronokal

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In this section the website I want to explain all the details of diet Pronokal.

As you know, I have a lifetime trying all sorts of diets and diet Pronokal will not be less. I could test it for about six weeks, and the truth is that it works, and well, that I will not deny.
Now, I admit that I am leaving because I do not have enough willpower to do it well, and because I feel real daily suffering. In addition, I had a little bad with a toilet theme (though you can seek advice from a nutritionist or physician Those same server in the consultation).
How much weight is lost by dieting Pronokal?
If I’m honest, I do not remember the exact weight I lost during those 45 days, but what I remember is that at the beginning of the diet, called me from the center. One of the questions I asked how much weight will lose one month, and the person on the phone told me that given my constitution and my weight can easily lose 10 kilos monthly.
pronokalA on my diet honestly seems a bit extreme, in fact, entered into open conflict with the advice that they give ground here, but it seems appropriate to provide this information so that each person does what he sees fit.
If someone does not know Pronokal diet, I say as a summary of which was a shake diet used in all foods. In the main meal, you must accompany it with some vegetable (than allowed, because not all feasible), namely, to eat, especially on the issue of intestinal transit.
There are different stages through which one must pass. The first is the most restrictive, because you eat exclusively shakes and vegetables. After passing through that phase, they gradually introduced kinds of different foods. The initial stage is used for weight loss, while the second is designed to keep it that way and avoid the rebound effect (also, in the bottom of the article that I leave you can get more information).
What should I know about Pronokal diet?
Of course, before deciding to make me a good report online, and I think I’ve written a few articles you will remove many doubts.
Pronokal active phase diet.
Steps 3-8 of Pronokal diet.
How long I will be at every stage ?.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here I will let a few articles where I explain the various doubts that struck me at the time, such as how much money you will spend, if passed hunger or the need to eat, etc.
I’m just going to ask a small favor and share on social networks to unlock the content. That way you help me a bit to let me know 😀
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Help me by sharing this article in your social network. This is the only favor I would ask!
Is the best diet for weight loss I know? Of course this is very effective. Whether repeated? Probably not because I prefer to lose weight on their own risk, eat more and lose little by little as I do, but hey, it’s all a matter of taste.

The Simply Of Diet Health

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Symptoms of ketosis

If you are on a ketogenic diet: protein diet or a low-carb diet, it is possible that your metabolism into a state called ketosis. Reaches ketosis is important for weight loss in this type of diet is based on the chemical reaction of the body to use stored fat.

What is ketosis?

cetosisCetosis food is the name of a country that achieved in the low-carb diet. When you’re in ketosis means your body burns fat for use as energy. When you keep a low carb diet, you minimize the amount of glucose present in the blood after a meal. In the absence of glucose in the blood, the body releases insulin returned to normal levels of blood sugar. Without the presence of insulin (a hormone that stores fat) your body to burn stored fat as the main energy source. When this happens, the body releases ketones in your circulatory system and have ketosis. This condition can cause many symptoms. Also appearing in the urine as ketones.

Understanding the symptoms of ketosis


Many people submitted to diets develop symptoms of ketosis to let them know that ketones are present. For many people who start a diet low in carbs, ketosis occurs a few days after ingesting a small amount of carbohydrates. In fact, most of the low-carbohydrate diet had the initial phase in which the followers of the diet take a very low amount of carbohydrates (usually less than 25 grams per day) to give a boost to ketosis.

You can check for ketones in the urine using a strip of ketosis, but many other symptoms may tell you that your body is going through a ketosis.

The first step

carbohidratosLos low dietary ketosis symptoms vary depending on how long you are in the country. In the early stages the symptoms of ketosis can be a little uncomfortable. However, when your body adapts to the presence of ketones in the blood system, the symptoms subside and change. The first symptoms of ketosis last few days or even a week in some people. Usually these symptoms continue until the body will be used to burn fat instead of glucose. After several days, the level of ketones in the body decline, but that does not mean you stop losing weight. It simply means that your body has to find a balance and you do not produce more ketones.

The first stage symptoms include the following:

Fatigue or tiredness
Feeling thirsty all the time
Dry mouth
Ketosis breath smelled slightly of fruit and not too good
Metallic taste in the mouth, especially on the back of the tongue near the molars
Nausea or stomach pain
Sleep problems
Cold hands and feet
Frequent urination
Next step

When your body adjusts to ketones, the symptoms may change or be reduced as well. If you use a strip ketones, urine may still indicate the presence of ketones, although perhaps at lower concentrations. It does not need to worry. The amount of ketones in the urine is not in accordance with the amount of weight you lose.

When your body adjusts to ketones, they may experience the following symptoms:

Feeling hum
Increased energy
Normalization of urinary frequency
Improved sleep
Clear thinking
Sometimes people who follow a low calorie diet seems to never reach ketosis or at least never showed indicators of excess ketones in the urine ketone test strips. Exercises can be practiced which use excess ketones or diluted urine had swallowed a lot of water. This does not mean that these people are not burning fat, just that they are not technically recorded ketosis.

Treat symptoms of ketosis

Ketosis is common in low-carbohydrate diet, but it is not always fun. If you have problems to go through this period, there are several things you can try to reduce the symptoms:

Eat something regularly. Drink rich in protein, like some chicken or ham, you can reduce headaches and other symptoms.
Taking vitamins and minerals. Especially Laguna lost you with fruits and vegetables low-carbohydrate diets. It’s important to take a good vitamin and mineral supplement for the body to remain in a healthy balance.
Try a protein shake. Protein shake with amino acid supplements may help reduce symptoms of ketosis and facilitate the transition. Many types of beverages with amino acids can be found in supermarkets and usually come labeled as “body builder”.
Drink plenty of water and breath-refreshing and keeps you hydrated.
How dangerous is ketosis?

Some suggest that ketosis is an unhealthy condition. However, some studies suggest otherwise. A study conducted in 1983 and published in the metabolism showed that ketosis is well tolerated. Another study in 2002 by the journal Nutrition and Metabolism showed that ketosis has a positive effect on cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Ketosis is a sign

The most important thing to remember is that the annoying symptoms of ketosis is temporary and that they will, more or less, in a week. Try to focus on the fact that sick feeling just a sign that you burn fat and you find the way to lose weight.

How To DIET?

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As well as on low-carb diets, high carbohydrate diet is central to most of the population, especially for athletes and people with demanding jobs.
One weighing eat carbohydrates won?

The answer is clearly no. Carbohydrates are not fattening us.
Carbohydrates are an important part of any healthy diet. Eat regularly, carbs do not cause weight gain, but, like other food groups consumed in excess. After all, eat too much and do not burn through physical activity will lead to weight gain.
That said, carbohydrates provide less calories from fat or alcohol. It is also what the carbohydrates that make up the calories added. For example, margarine or butter on bread and put cream or cheese sauce add pasta. So if you need to lose weight, reduce fat added, carbohydrates NO.
Excess calories as fat and protein, to body fat and stored as fat.
GI diet or way of eating good carbs
GI or IG refers to the glycemic index of food: a system to measure the glycemic response of foods containing the same amount of carbohydrates that the reference food.
Today, most nutritionists, dietitians and obesity expert agreed that good carbs (eg, in general, these people have a GI value medium or low on the glycemic index) is important for weight control in the long term and healthy eating. But it remains true that the excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates (eg starch carbohydrates are usually white with a high GI value) pose a serious risk of metabolic disorders such as insulin insensitivity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes – all of which are closely linked to obesity.
The point to remember is that not all carbohydrates bad: only those foods that contain refined carbohydrates or processed carbohydrates. GI diet does not discriminate on the basis of the number of carbohydrates. Instead, recommends focusing on good carbohydrates and foods with a low GI.
Examples of foods with good carbohydrates are:
Breakfast cereals
Sweet potato
Increase carbohydrate diet
To overcome hunger, lose weight and stay healthy, try these tips to eat healthy carbs:
replace bran flakes cereal brands
Replace the plain white bread for whole wheat bread
Change cereal bar for rice cakes
French bread substitute whole wheat bread
Replace regular pasta for whole wheat pasta
Replacing white rice to brown rice
Add oats and oat cereals
Add chopped fruit to cereal, salads and drinks
Eating beans, lentils and extra vegetables with the main meal
Carbohydrate diet
Examples of typical carbohydrate diet:
Examples of high-carbohydrate diet
Goods (number) Carbohydrate (g) Total calories
Milk, skim (250 grams) 18 125
1 roll oat 70 334
Peanut butter (1 tablespoon) March 94
Honey (1 tablespoon) 17 64
Morning snack
2 fig bar 40 198
Grape juice, sugar (200g mixed with 100 g of water) 37 152
Raisins (40 grams) 34129
Skim milk (200 grams) December 83
4 slices of whole wheat bread (40 grams per serving) 95 512
Chicken breast, skinless roasted (100 grams) 0142
Roman, shredded lettuce (1/4 cup) 1 2
4 thin slices of tomato February 44
Mayonnaise-type salad (2 tablespoons) July 76
Tortilla chips, low-fat, baked (25g) 23 118
12 small carrots October 48
Nonfat fruit yogurt (100 grams) 47 250
10 13.5 91 wheat crackers
25 95 1 medium apple
Cranberry juice (150 grams) 46 174
Salmon, baked (75 gram) 0155
Brown rice (1 1/2 cup) 69 328
Broccoli, steamed (1 cup) November 55
Skim milk (150 grams) 18 125
Lettuce (January 1/4 cup) 5 tomatoes and carrots 1/4 cup grated cheese July 33
Low-fat salad with Italian dressing (2 tablespoons) January 22
Beans (1/4 cup) 4196
Wheat roll (25 gram) 13 76
Dinner snacks
Strawberries sliced ​​(1/2 cup) June 27
Frozen yogurt, nonfat chocolate (1 1/2 cup) 55 299
Total 4,047 684.5
More about carbohydrates:
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Is a healthy diet low in carbohydrates?
Menu for low-carb diets
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List of carbohydrates
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Protein and Carbohydrates